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You already visited once monuments, museums, places, streets, parks and gardens of Paris and you want to see something new ? Don't worry, Paris is also a worldwide street art hot spot. Among its most famous artists, you will find Invader, Miss Tic or Le CyKlop but there is also a range of street artists less famous indeed but so talented !
It is now possible to discover the work of these young creators with the help of websites, galleries and organizations dealing with parisian street art. 

In order to plan your visit :
is an interactive map listing most of the tops-places of street art in Paris. A key website if you wish to prepare your tour on your own. On the opposite if you prefer to rely on a professional for an original  discovery of Paris street art in its various dimensions, you can contact which offers customized solutions to those who want to discover Paris in a different way. You can also reserve your place at Street Art Paris Tour which runs a one free street art tout a week on Saturday at 11 AM. Numerous web sites dedicated to Parisian street art will inform you about the recent projects of a lot of local and foreign artists in Paris. Among them, either still and to a lesser extent, and

Parisian galleries specialized in street art are also many:

Galerie Wallworks

Artists : Ceet, ColorzGilbert, Kongo, Lazoo et Sonic
4, rue Martel - 75010 Paris

Galerie Itinerrance
Artists : Btoy, C215, Jana&Js, Orticanoodles, Seize, Yz
7bis, rue R. Goscinny - 75013 Paris

Galerie Ligne 13
Artists : Jérôme Mesnager, Jef Aérosol, Jana&Js, Mosko (et associés)
13, rue de la Condamine - 75017 Paris

Galerie Mathgoth
Artists : Cornbread, Taki 183, Miss Tic
103, rue Saint-Maur - 75011 Paris

Galerie Onega
Artists : Jonone, Speedy GraphitoL’Atlas, Futura 2000, Blek le Rat
17, rue des Grands Augustins - 75006 Paris

Artists : Tap, Azote, Suicy, Spark, Deg, Kongo, Swen, Morfal, Aliz, Azoe...
42, rue Quincanpoix - 75004 Paris

Galerie Lefeuvre
Artists : Alexöne Dizac, Jonone, Mist, Mr Jago, Invader, Sickboy,...
164, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré - 75008 Paris

If you want to fully explore your creativity you can also have a very wide choice of courses, workshops and trainings in graffiti and stencil. Among them Les Commun'arts and Cours2graff.

Last advice: do not forget to look at the sky! In Paris, you may always find a masterpiece at the corner of the street.

(Photo © Tat à l'œil)